South Tyrol is the embodiment of alpine, Mediterranean lifestyle with Italian Flair


South Tyrol has so many offers at your disposal: excellent culinary, varied culture and incredible beautiful nature. In addition, you can explore numerous monuments:


  • Castle Tyrol, Castle Schenna, the botanic gardens of castle Trauttmansdorff
  • South Tyrolean Museum of Archology in Bolzano with the glacier mummy “Ötzi”
  • Museum of Contemporary Art in Bolzano


South Tyrol offers also special trips for nature lovers:


  • Dolomite Mountains Unesco Word Heritage
  • Merano 2000 a huge hiking area
  • National park “Texelgruppe”-Mountains, Stelvio Pass, and Timmelsjoch
  • The lakes “Karersee” , “Kalterersee” and “Pragerwildsee”